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Xuetong Yuan

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30 June 2018

About Me

I am a third-year PhD student in linguistics at University of Connecticut. I primarily work on semantics, pragmatics, and their interactions with prosody.

You can find my CV here.

Current Projects

Focus and biased questions

In this ongoing project, I am interested in the prosodic patterns of biased questions in Mandarin. More specifically, I am looking at how focus/boundary tone affects the interpretation of A-not-A and negation questions in Mandarin. Please email me for recent progress.

Discourse particle -ba

-ba can be attached to all kinds of clause types in Mandarin: declaratives, interrogatives, and imperatives. I am looking at the behaviors of -ba, how it interacts with its prejacent, and its interactions with intonation.

Speech verb shuo

shuo is a saying verb in Mandarin. It can function as a plain complementizer in embedded clauses, or behave as a reportative evidential in matrix clauses. I am particularly interested in how shuo behaves in matrix clauses, as well as its interaction with emotive predicates.